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I imagine (and hope) that if you made it this far you are at least a bit curious & want to learn more. 
The Radical Joy Seeking Women's Club was originally just a small part of Mindful Resources, my online community for women.  I imagined that it could be a place for resources, encouragement, training and interviews. I was excited to reach out to other coaches, authors and experts to do interviews and features with them.  Little did I know that the dream I had was just a small seed, a tiny speck compared to what's actually happened!  
One of the experts I reached out to is Jennifer Jimbere.  We had a few calls to get to know each other, sharing ideas and what we were each doing within our businesses.  I was impressed with her knowledge and her willingness to just simply brainstorm ideas with me.  When I spoke to her about the club it was just to ask her to occasionally write an article or two.  Well, let me tell you, she shared my vision and passion and before I knew it we were off and running, ideas flying so quickly we could hardly keep up! 
Deciding to take The Radical Joy Seeking Women's Club to a completely new level, with Jennifer, was a dream come true.  I'd been working and coaching on my own for so long I'd forgotten how wonderful it felt to work with someone who shares the same dream AND just when I thought it couldn't get any did.
We had the psychology and coaching part covered between the two of us.  Including Relationships, Business, Change Management and a host of other topics, but we didn't have an expert in the field of Health and Wellness. And we didn't want just anyone.  We wanted a coach that really understood the importance of wellness from the inside out.  A Holistic approach that included Mind, Body, and Spirit.  So we went on a quest, and began searching for that perfect someone...and we found her.
Enter, Marsibil Mogensen, our Health and Wellness expert and co-founder of the club.  When we approached her she said that we were an answer to prayer.
Little did she know, that is exactly what she was for us.  
So together, we joined forces, began to create, dream, discover and build.  
What you have now is a result of countless hours, days, weeks and months of collaboration.  We are so very proud to bring to you an online community filled with information, support, training, love, and everything that we ourselves would want to find on a site such as this.
Please take some time and look around.  Keep scrolling down this page to meet your coaches and read our bios so that you will know more about each of us and what we bring to the club.  
We are excited to get to know you and we are so happy you are here.  
Here's to your JOY!
xoxo Trudy, Jennifer & Marsibil


Trudy Stoner

Trudy is a Transformational Coach for Soul Centered Living and Only Healthy Love.
She is the Owner and Founder of, an online education center for women seeking to live a more joyous, mindful life. She is a Resident Expert and Co-Founder of The Radical Joy Seeking Women's Club, an Online Community, and Resource Center for Women who want to Connect, Learn & Grow.
Her passion is the study and teaching of Spiritual Psychology. In addition, she has certifications in Life, Business, Holistic and Stress Management Coaching.
Born and raised in beautiful Northern California she has traveled extensively across the US and whenever possible spends time in Alaska or on the California Coast.
She is a writer with regular contributions to and is presently working on her book, Life After Toxic Love, due out in 2018.
If you would like to connect with Trudy or learn more about her work, please email her at [email protected] or visit


Jennifer Jimbere

Jennifer, aka Your Partner in Possibility, is a certified professional coach, change management practitioner and an advocate for the Science of Well-Being.
She specializes in leadership, communication, team dynamics, personal finance and positive emotions.
Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Jennifer traveled across Ontario where she has pursued 13 certificates and degrees.
She inspires individuals, teams, and organizations to flourish authentically.
Jennifer's passion and ultimate intention is to ignite a spirit and knowing that you are "creative, capable, wise & good!" Helping you discover your authentic self and unleash your strengths.
Jennifer is a Resident Expert and Co-Founder of the Radical Joy Seeking Women's Club.
She is featured in; and
She is a writer for and President of You may connect with Jennifer via email at [email protected] or
For more information and to see her credentials, visit

Marsibil Mogensen

Marsibil Mogensen, aka Vikingsister, is a Holistic Health and Wellness coach focusing on wellness from the inside out.  She is the creator of her own lifestyle program, 80/20 Balance. Her specialty is in Whole Health, incorporating Mind, Body & Spirit.Born and raised in Iceland, Marsibil moved to Scotland where she pursued her Ph.D. in Biology and Biochemistry.  Continuing her passion for health and wellness, Marsibil became a nutrition coach and personal trainer and has been working to change the way people see health and fitness.

“The key to ultimate health and wellbeing lies in finding a true balance between body, mind, and soul. This involves nutrition, exercise, self-discovery and personal growth”.

Marsibil is a Resident Expert and Co-Founder of the Radical Joy Seeking Women’s Club.