Failing to Plan ~ A Lesson on Healthy Eating


We know that healthy foods matter.  We want to feel better, look better and overall enjoy the benefits of good health.  Healthy eating = Healthier Life!  

So where do we go wrong?  

We fail to plan!  And in doing so, we, in turn, plan to fail.  Not on purpose, it just happens.

That is why we are so excited to offer you this wonderful program from Health & Wellness Expert, Marsibil Mogensen.

This value packed lesson will teach you not only WHY healthy eating is so important, but also HOW to eat and WHAT to eat!  Marsibil has created and included an incredible PDF download to go with the video that includes both healthy snack ideas and a shopping list!  

Formerly only available to our members, we are now making this lesson available to YOU!  

If you love what you see, then consider becoming a member.  Inside the club, you can find many lessons like this!  Value packed with information to help you live a healthy, balanced and joyful life.