The Ease of Abundance by Trudy Stoner

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2017


Go with the flow...

That's the secret.

We live in an abundant universe and literally the only thing standing between us and the abundance that we desire... is us.  

When we are born we are innately well, joyful, and clear.  We are still tethered if you will to the place from which we came.  We are completely aligned with our source, (God) and all the abundance, creativity, clarity and joy we could ever need is available to us 24/7, 365 days a year.  

So what happened?  Why as we age do we seem to lose sight of this fact?  Why do those things that we seek seem to allude us more often than not?  Why are some people blessed with "all the luck" and others are struggling to simply survive, let alone embrace the life they are given?

Because as we age we are literally taught out of our connection.  When we are innately, intuitively aware of our connection, we automatically show up in total alignment with an awareness that we are one, that there is a source energy, higher intelligence, God that is on our side, has our backs and is in total support of our greatest good.  

As we age, well meaning parents, teachers, friends and society tell us that it is not ok to be too happy, or feel too much, we're told to calm down, to be reasonable, to be realistic, don't dream too big, prepare for the future, live in fear.   Live in fear is of course not the intended message, but it is often times the end result.  

So we do live in fear, and we become cautious and careful and guarded. We are afraid that we are not enough; we won't have enough and that there is nothing we can do about it.  When something really good happens, instead of understanding that we were in alignment when we took a course of action or set an intention, we call it luck.  

The truth of the matter is that it is not luck.  It is intention, action, energy and alignment. When these merge, you create abundance and everything else that you desire.  This is true for good and bad.  

If you awaken to a  bad mood, are depressed, sad, angry or generally in a low energy state of mind then that is the energy from which you will operate. Every goal, desire and intention you have for the day will be in alignment with this low mood and low state of energy.  So you can't help but attract more of the same. However, if first thing in the morning you can set your thoughts and mood on a higher frequency, you in turn are setting up the day for good things to come to you.  

So, what happens when you wake up in a bad mood but still something wonderful happens?  Either in that moment you are distracted enough away from the bad mood to allow energy to just simply flow from your natural state of well being and the good thing was drawn into the moment, or you are receiving something that you already set into motion via the law of attraction and in a moment of alignment it was delivered to you.  

You see, your core, your center, who you BE is innately well.  When you can align your mood, energy and intention with that core you are a magnet for abundance and all that you desire.  

Intention + Energy + Alignment = Flow

Lack of abundance, lack of flow = Out of alignment.

The very good news about all of this is that this is your compass home. Your true north.  It is who you are.  Everything else was taught or created and is normally based in fear.  And you don't actually have to do anything about it other than settle down and just allow yourself to return to center, to a state that is actually as automatic to you as breathing.  It takes more effort to remain out of alignment than in.  You have been unaware.  Now that you are aware, your life will never be the same.  

Today, take some time to be still.  This may take some practice.  As simple as this is, it is not easy.  We have years of conditioning and habits that we've held onto that have become familiar and normal to us.

Be gentle with yourself, be loving, and be kind.  Breathe.  Take time to let yourself settle down and to ponder what it is you really want.  Then allow yourself to let go of fear completely and to trust that what you want is already on its way.  Here are some steps to help you easily attract abundance into your life.

1.  Be still and allow your mind to settle down.

2.  Release fear and worry, even if just for a few minutes...relax.

3.  Picture in your mind something you really want.  Design your life.

4.  Smile

5.  Breathe

6.  Now, walk through this perfectly created experience.  And see it happening.  Feel what it feels like.  Be there in your mind.

7.  Allow yourself to be excited, as if it is already on its way.

8.  Once you are clear, take some time to write it down.  Date it.  Again, feel it.

9.  Every morning, first thing when you awaken, be grateful, take inventory of all the blessings in your life right now, and allow your heart to fill with joy and gratitude, create a positive force of momentum based upon these good thoughts.  Now, dream for a few minutes about your vision for your life or whatever abundance you wrote about.  Read it over again if you'd like.  Picture it and allow yourself to smile and get excited about your life.

10.  Throughout the day allow every action to be in alignment with the positive, excited, joyful energy you felt when you were creating your vision.  Ask yourself if what you are thinking, what you are doing, how you are acting, are in alignment or out.  If you are out, then simply make the correction needed to align once again.

Do this for 10 days, 20 days, 30 days.  Keep a journal and watch the miracles occur.  



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