Weight on your Mind?

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2018

Weight on your Mind   by Marsibil Mogensen

Weight on your Mind?

You have tried it all.

Every diet under the sun.

You found one which you thought worked.

Until it didn’t.

You exercise ‘correctly’.

You do Zumba, Yoga, walk, ride your bicycle. You’ve eliminated gluten, cut carbs and yet, the weight is not shifting, lifting, nor disappearing. You lose a few pounds and then gain it all back. Why?

The one factor which has a bigger impact on weight loss than most people realize could be the answer; your emotional health! All the emotional baggage, the ingrained cycles you have created in your mind, as well as your overall state of mental health might be sabotaging your healthy lifestyle goals. The key to better emotional health? You need to love yourself and allow yourself to become your best!

How is it possible that emotions can stop us from losing weight? Perhaps carrying extra weight became your comfort zone. If you have ‘always’ been overweight, your body is accustomed to your size. Those around you are used to your size. When you start losing weight, people react to your changes, which can bring discomfort. Receiving compliments can be difficult!  Being the center of attention is new when you have lived your life by blending in.

Thanks to mass marketing and cultural influences, people often ‘eat’ their emotions. If you have a rough day, you self-sabotage under the disguise of ‘treating’ yourself. You know the slogans by heart, as, sadly, do your children. “America runs on Dunkin”! “I’m loving it!”. To combat this effect, new patterns of behavior are crucial.

I could list the cellular and biochemical effects emotions can have on your overall well being. Rather than enumerating a list of the symptoms, let’s work on the cure!

Self-awareness and learning to differentiate between desires, wants and needs on a conscious level is the foundation of emotional well-being.

So, how can you accomplish this emotional shift? Here is an outline of the steps:

Make the decision! - The journey of 1,000 miles all starts with the first step!
Set a goal - Make sure the goal is S.M.A.R.T.  (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely)
Formulate a plan which includes a regimen of positive energy.
Break your plan down into ACTIVITIES, ACTIONS, AND OPERATIONS.

For example, if the Activity is renovating a house,

Actions would be:

Fixing the roof
Purchasing supplies

Operations would be: 

Hammering the nails

Driving the truck to supply

Use this process for your personal goals.

Break each Activity into Actions and Operations.

Evaluate your progress on a regular basis and adjust your plan accordingly. - Employ a calendar, spreadsheet, two column form or just a simple list to chart your progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Once you have reached a milestone, evaluate what propelled you there and duplicate a similar pattern as you continue to move forward.

Understanding the value of your emotions and using them to move your life forward in positive directions is the first step to a healthy lifestyle. I am here to help you navigate this process and get away from the diet,

I am here to help you navigate this process and get away from the diet, deprivation, and desperation once and for all!







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