The Elements of Active Listening by Jennifer Jimbere

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2017


Often we’ll listen to someone without really hearing him or her. In the process, we miss opportunities to connect with that person–and even risk making him or her feel neglected, disrespected, and resentful.

Would you agree that it is getting harder and harder to focus and are you looking to improve your listening to ensure your relationships are blooming?

Are you waiting for your turn to speak when you listen?

There are 3 levels of listening that I teach in one of my workshops:


Active Listening

Contextual Listening

Let’s work on an exercise that helps you express active interest in what the other person has to say and make him or her feel heard—a way to foster empathy and connection. This technique is especially well suited for difficult conversations such as arguments with a spouse and can also be used for expressing support.

Positive Psychology research suggests that using this technique can help others feel more understood and improve...

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The Ease of Abundance by Trudy Stoner

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2017


Go with the flow...

That's the secret.

We live in an abundant universe and literally the only thing standing between us and the abundance that we desire... is us.  

When we are born we are innately well, joyful, and clear.  We are still tethered if you will to the place from which we came.  We are completely aligned with our source, (God) and all the abundance, creativity, clarity and joy we could ever need is available to us 24/7, 365 days a year.  

So what happened?  Why as we age do we seem to lose sight of this fact?  Why do those things that we seek seem to allude us more often than not?  Why are some people blessed with "all the luck" and others are struggling to simply survive, let alone embrace the life they are given?

Because as we age we are literally taught out of our connection.  When we are innately, intuitively aware of our connection, we automatically show up in total alignment with an awareness that we are one, that...

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Saying YES to Radical Joy! By Jennifer Jimbere


I love learning and cannot wait to share with you!

People who know me would say I read like Google is going to crash. I do read all the time and am always taking courses to continually develop and hone my skills.

One of my favorite quotes is by Abraham Lincoln; “Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

The reason I love this quote is the wisdom within. 

Time spent in sharpening the axe may well be spared from swinging it.

I believe we are all creative, capable, wise and good and that our personal growth needs to be a priority if we are to become our best selves.

Working with individuals, teams and organizations to help them unleash strengths and maximize performance is what I am privileged to do.  We leverage a tool called the circle of personal perspective which helps to identify levels of satisfaction in all areas of our lives. 

Personally, I have always been quite happy with all areas, but one.


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My Journey to Radical Joy! By Marsibil Mogensen

I am so thrilled and honored you are joining us on a journey to YOUR best life.  The journey that led me here has been bumpy at times and certainly very eventful but I am now in a place where I can truly say I am happier than I have every been and I want to inspire other women to find their ultimate joy and live their lives incorporating holistic health and wellness!

Just like so many other women, I lost much of myself in the hustle and bustle of family life for many years.  As women we are conditioned by society and our upbringing to prioritize our children, our spouses, our parents. Consequentially we risk losing our own identity and are often left feeling unfulfilled and lacking.

What I’ve learned in recent years (mostly the hard way) is that in order to be able to give your best to those you care about, you have to look after yourself first. I have also learned that I am enough and that my dreams and desires are not any less important than those of others. Guilt...

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Why Radical Joy? By Trudy Stoner

I've been working with women for over 10 years as both an esthetician and a coach.  Spending a lot of time talking, about life.  It wasn’t long before I noticed a very common theme.  It really didn’t matter if I was talking to someone younger college age, or a women closer to my age (at that time I was in my 40’s), or just a bit older.   Here is what I heard, repeatedly;

"I feel like something is missing.”

“There must be something more."

 "I just want to be happy."

"I want to make a difference."

Same desire, different women, day after day, week after week.  All. The. Time.  It was heartfelt and so very common.  I identified with these women, because we were all singing the same song.  Everything I was hearing was exactly what I’d been yearning for myself.  To be sure, the time I spent in the treatment room of the day spa, working with women is what let me to becoming a coach.  But it was...

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